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Tracks your Sales, Calculates Profit & Forecasts Inventory

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Profit Tracking
Calculates your profits, margins, includes ppc, storage fees, sales tax and all other expenses.
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Inventory Forecast
Helps you decide how many units to reorder and when, takes seasonality into account.
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Business Dashboard
Has widgets with most important metrics - best sellers, growth curve, overall profit margin, inventory value.
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Learning Resources
Features a Big List of Amazon Software Tools and a list of Amazon Podcasters and Influencers to follow.
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What will I mainly use this app for?

To check your daily sales and keep an eye on your profit margin:

AMZPing Screenshot Sales Overview

Will it add up all Amazon Fees? .. PPC Costs? .. Sales Tax?

Yes, yes and yes. And more.

Manufacturing Costs
Shipping Costs
Inspection Costs
Import Taxes
Amazon Referral Fees
Amazon Fulfillment Fees
PPC Costs for Sponsored Ads
PPC Costs for Headline Ads
FBA One Warehouse Fee
Sales Tax (VAT, HST, etc)
Inventory Reimbursements
Damaged & Lost Reimbursements
Refunds and Refund Fees
Amazon Shipping Promos
Your Custom Promos
FBA Monthly Storage Fees
FBA Long Term Storage Fees
Early Reviewer Program Fees *
Lightning Deal Fees *
* - coming this month
AMZPing Screenshot Profit Breakdown

I sell in multiple Amazon countries. How will report look like?

Sales will be summed up and displayed in your preferred currency:

AMZPing Screenshot Multiple Countries

Why is AMZPing better than other Profit Dashboards?

Because it's SIMPLE.

Other apps look like busy spreadsheets - it's not easy to quickly check how your sales are going.

With AMZPing, you can just give it one glance:

More details are just a click away - you'll see them only when you need them.

"I've tried a couple of other software options and I have to say, yours ticks all the boxes for me - I'm a non-techy and I find what you've built really easy to make sense of." - Dave
Huge fan of my AMZPing dashboard. Beautiful, all-in-one page overview, which is important to me as a medium-sized seller. I'm busy! At a glance I can see how my sales and profit did today, yesterday, past month, plus important indicators such as whether there are new sellers on my listings or low inventory levels. Which is exactly what I was looking for in a dashboard.
- Dana
Awesome app for amazon sellers! It quickly shows us our profit margin which we were only able to guess on before. Saves us a lot of time by using the inventory tool to know how many we need to order in the future. Paulina and her team are awesome at answering any questions and they are continuously improving their app to be better. We've tried 2 other similar apps and hands down we think amzping is much better as it is way more detailed and has more useful things that we need and is way easier to navigate through.
- Joseph
I really like AMZping. It's very easy to use, I can see without any effort how my company is doing. I quite enjoy the sound effect for every sale I get too! Any problems I have had (which are few) have been fixed extremely fast. I would definitely recommend AMZping to any Amazon seller it is good value and well worth the money.
- Benjamin
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What about my Inventory?

AMZPing will help you decide exactly when and how many units to re-order:

AMZPing Screenshot Inventory Page

What else is cool?

Many Things! For example, there is a widget on the dashboard, showing your inventory value:

AMZPing Inventory Value Widget

There are at least three more cool things - sign up to discover them.

Why is your app called AMZPing?

Because it Pings.

Ka-Ching Sound

When you make a new sale, you will hear a Cash Register Sound like this:

I love Ka-Ching Testimonial

I love Ka-Ching Testimonial

I love Ka-Ching Testimonial

Beautiful on Desktop
And on Mobile

No manual reports, no Excel calculations, no cumbersome work.

Just hook up your Amazon account to AMZPing and you'll have real time access to all of your Amazon business metrics.